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Mike’s Glass

Established in 1986, Mike’s Glass provides glass repairs and services to the greater Wellington region. In addition to cash sales and repeat business from existing customers, the business provides glazing services in response to insurance claims.

These glazing assignments are forwarded to Mike’s Glass by Asset Management Network , a company responsible for managing the national services provision contract for IAG.

Mike’s Glass was contracted by Asset Management Network in February 2003, to provide glazing services for the IAG Insurance contract. The new contract highlighted the challenges of managing their mobile team of 5 full time glaziers:

How to ascertain the location and availability of each glazier as well as the status of each job
How to allocate jobs accurately and efficiently to glaziers
How to quickly access existing client information and provide a better level of customer service
How to communicate more effectively to the glaziers and decrease costly mobile phone expenses

EService from ECONZ is a wireless job dispatch and management solution for mobile field forces. EService ensures that Mike’s Glass can manage effectively its core business, the insurance based glazing work. It covers in real-time every element of the job dispatch process.

Total visibility of the job details and glazier’s location to dispatching staff via the real-time EService diary system
Improved efficiencies by dispatching work directly to glaziers smart-phones
Enhanced customer service through improved response times, tracking ability and better access to job/customer information
Accurate recording of coded parts and labour hours
Substantial reductions in administration, data entry and costly paperwork errors
Improved management decision-making through real-time, accurate information

“ Prior to implementing EService, we were scheduling work on an Excel spreadsheet and faxing the job details to our glaziers the night before each job. With EService we can now send job details to the glazier’s smartphone while he or she is on the road. The EService diary system is easy to use and all our staff can use it simultaneously. We no longer have the problem of double booking of glaziers.

We are able to see where our glaziers are and how far away they are from the next job. This means if a glazier is running late we can either advise the customer or re-assign the job to another glazier. Alternatively if the glaziers are ahead of schedule, we can add the odd job on to the end of the day. Quite simply, the EService system has been fantastic.”

- Mike Anders, Managing Director, Mike’s Glass

Went live June 2003
9 users
Runs on Windows
Integrates with MYOB
Glaziers use Kyocera 7135 smartphones
Data transmitted over CDMA network
Customer work requests are received via email or phone call and entered directly into EService. Using the EService diary system, the work is assigned a unique job number and allocated to the most appropriate glazier. Job details are directly dispatched over the Telecom Mobile Jetstream network to the glazier’s smartphone.

Should the glazier miss the job the request is returned to the office and reallocated. As a job is accepted, started and completed, the glazier logs the status and relevant details on the smartphone, including coded parts and labour hours, and sends the confirmed information back to the office.

The EService diary system provides total visibility to all staff as it progresses, from dispatch through to completion as well as the availability of individual glaziers. This access to real-time, accurate information has eliminated the double booking of jobs. The system also provides a complete record of customer details including information such as access to the property. A search function allows easy access to job and customer information, and the assigned job numbers allow for simple tracking from the dispatch through to finance. EService also works with the current MYOB package and has the ability to generate reports.

Proven capability and a strong history of success with previous deployment at Asset Management Network
Ability to customise EService to meet specific business requirements
Seamless integration with existing business systems
Broad scope for future developments

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